Community Wealth

Tired of an economic system that leaves you struggling? Then let's look at it objectively: We care about things like employment, housing, health, culture, inclusiveness, the environment, expenditure, and the cost of living.

All activities by our local councils and national government must be judged from three main viewpoints: Economic (Financial), Social, and Environmental.

Community Wealth Building looks at the economy through the simple lens of keeping it local wherever possible. Why? Because if money is kept flowing around the local economy, local jobs and wealth are created. What use is a bucket full of holes?

Doughnut Economics

To be able to organise the local economy, first we must see the big picture. If we do not understand the big picture, it will squash us when we focus our eyes locally.

The foundation of future thinking is provided by the twenty-first century approach of what is known as Doughnut Economics.

Watch this six minutes video, and your eyes will open:

Doughnut Economics relates as much to food, housing, healthcare, and political voice as it does to the climate emergency.



We have structured our platform database to encompass the (very) wide range of topics that effect local economies.


Community Wealth DataBase


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